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    Aibabina E. To the History of the Museum of Feodosia (the Arrival of the Italian Nobility in Feodosia in 1913 and the Exhibition Dedicated to the History of Genoese Colonies in the East in Genoa in 1914)/ E. Aibabina // North and West Black Sea Area during Antiquity and the Middle Ages: Materials of 11th session of the Joint Ukrainian Romanian/Romanian-Ukrainian Commissions for History, Archaeology, Ethnography and Folklore of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Romanian Academy / Edited by Sergey Bocharov and Victor Cojocaru. - Simferopol: Tavriya, 2009. - P. 67-80.ISBN 978-966-435-276-2

     The information of the organization of The Exhibition Dedicated to the History of Genoese Colonies in the East which took place in Genoa in 1914 is of great interest for the local history of the Crimea and for studying historiography of Genoese colonization of the Black Sea Region.

     The history of the exhibition is connected with the facts from the trip of the Italian nobility to the Crimea, as this trip was organized exactly to collect the material about Genoese settlements.

     Some information about Cesario Imperiales expedition on board Caffa is in Trudi Liguriyskogo obshchestva otechestvennoy istorii (Atti SLSP. V. 46, 10, 1917, G.P. XCVXV) in the article of Francesco Poddjia. Earlier Amadeo Vignia had carried out a great research the publication of the correspondence between St. Georges Bank in Genoa (all the Genoese colonies of the Black Sea Region belonged to it) and the officials of Caffa, Soldaya and other colonies. The documents include the period from 1453 to 1475, in 2 volumes (7 books) of Akti Liguriyskogo obshchestva otechestvennoy istorii (Atti della Societa Ligure di storia patria. vol. VI-VII. Genova, 18681871).

     In 1913, August 1st the chairman of the Constituent Council of the exhibition Marquis Cesario Imperiale declared his decision to organize the exhibition to the shores of the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea to collect the material for the exhibition. On the 1st of September the exhibition on the yacht named Caffa appeared in Feodosia. Having visited the Crimea, the expedition left for Metilena, then visited islands of Chios and Rhodos. During the trip the expedition collected great many photos, drawings and drafts of the visited historical places and monuments, extensive information which is of great need to organize the historical exhibition.

     A large material to the exhibition was collected in Italian museums, libraries and archives.

    The exhibition took place in a big hall of a new palace of the Social Museum of Natural History on Bizagnio Square. On the 24th of May, 1914, on Sunday, in the presence of the representatives of the supreme power of Italy the exhibition started its functioning, the catalogue of the exhibition was made. The closing of the exhibition took place in 7 months in 1914, December 20th. Among the materials in the Catalogue there are 50 titles connected with Caffa, 30 titles are connected with Soldaya . Sudak, 8 with Alupka and Ai-Petri, 7 with Chembalo, 5 with Yalta, 3 with Bosporo (Kerch), 2 with Ai-Todor and also views of of Gurzuf (1), Kalamita (1), Livadia. The materials about Moncastro (Akkerman), Amastra, Trapezund, Bosporus, Constantinople were shown at the exhibition. There are 122 exhibits in the Catalogue in all.

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